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Baby Swimming Lessons Prescribed in Tucson, AZ

Baby Swimming Lessons

Preventing toddler drowning is a cause shared by a number of people including parents, family members of victims and of course, your team at Protect-A-Child.

In Tucson, Arizona, we discovered that one doctor believes water safety should be part of a pediatrician’s treatment plan for young, developing children.

Last year, after one child drowned in a bathtub and several more nearly drowned, Dr. Julie Klein decided to adopt a drowning prevention program that involves local physicians writing prescriptions for infant survival swimming.

Her story was reported by local NBC news affiliate News 4 Tucson.

Dr. Klein is a pediatrician in Tucson, Arizona. She's treated many children who've nearly drowned.

In the news report, she reiterated what we have heard other family members of young victims say after a swimming pool drowning or near tragedy.

"Part of what's heartbreaking is that it is preventable," Dr. Klein said.

Baby Drowning Prevention

During the report, Dr. Klein promoted the Water S.M.A.R.T. Babies Program, which stands for Safety Materials and Rescue Techniques.

The program urges pediatricians to write prescriptions for infant swimming lessons at well baby check ups and to go over essential pool safety information with parents before a child turns one year old.

According to the Smart Babies drowning prevention brochure, this advice includes surrounding a swimming pool with a pool safety fence to prevent young ones from falling in. At Protect-A-Child, we believe this kind of pool safety fence should meet stringent quality standards including quality materials, sturdy construction and professional installation.

We know that many children who drown are relatively skilled swimmers who may have taken swimming lessons in the past, which is why we support The Water S.M.A.R.T. Babies program, which also emphasizes safety practices for adults such as:

  • Learn CPR if you are a caregiver.
  • Place a telephone and rescue equipment near your pool.
  • Teach children how to turn over and swim on their backs if they fall in.
  • Keep children at an arm’s length when in or near a pool.
  • And install a pool safety fence!

We also agree that having a doctor spread the message is a smart way to get parents to understand the levity of the message.

The effect of having a doctor reinforce the drowning prevention message, as well as to write a prescription for swim lessons is that parents take it more seriously, Dr. Klein said in the News 4 Tucson report.

"Seeing something in writing on a prescription pad by the pediatrician that just really makes an impact," she said.

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Post by Don Coppedge

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