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Parents' Corner

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Also Protects Pets

If pets have access to the pool, drowning is a risk. Greg and Liza B. lost their beloved, five-year-old…

Parents' Corner

I Won’t Let My Child Be Another Pool Drowning Stat

When most people think of “home,” they think of comfort, refuge—a safe place. That said, a home…

Parents' Corner

Reinstalling My Pool Safety Fence Is a Breeze

I can install my fence in minutes. Our three boys can swim now, so we no longer…

Parents' Corner

How My Pool Safety Fence Made Holiday Mornings More Relaxing

Holidays in our house mean one thing… that the kids will beat us out of bed! I…

Parents' Corner

How My Pool Fence Saved My Dog’s Life

Did you know drinking pool water can be fatal to pets? I didn’t. Our dog likes to…

Parents' Corner

Why I Had to Have a Protect‑A‑Child Pool Fence

After renting for two years, my husband and I were so ready to finally be moving into…