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Fiberglass Pool Safety Fence

Fiberglass Pool Safety Fence

The strength and safety of your pool fence rests solely upon its support posts. Yet most people don’t even think about post strength in their fence buying decision.

Amazingly they assume all fences are alike - and lots of low end companies want you to believe that. Reality is, children can actually knock down many of the aluminum post mesh pool fences you see on the market today.

Pool fence posts must endure ongoing forces of fence tension as well as shock whenever a child or pet runs into them. Protect-A-Child's Quad-Bilt™ fiberglass composite posts are the only fence posts guaranteed unbreakable and guaranteed never to become bent or crooked. The result - your fence stays straight and attractive and you never have to worry about your fence posts becoming broken.


Originally designed and engineered in 1991 in partnership with Shakespeare and Co., these unique posts were created for Protect-A-Child Pool Fence to remedy the ongoing problems of bent, broken aluminum posts on removable mesh pool fences.

We set out to create a pool fence support post that would provide:

  1. An unbreakable fence of superior strength.
  2. A fence that remains straight and attractive not becoming bent and crooked.
  3. Be more resistant to the damaging effects of water, sun, pool chemicals, etc.

Now, over 23 years later we are able to offer a solid core composite fiberglass support post we can guarantee will not break or become bent for as long as you own your pool fence. Backed by the largest, most reputable pool fence manufacturer in the industry. Over 28 years!

Why choose a Protect-A-Child Fiberglass Post Fence?

  • 100% Composite Fiberglass Pool Fence Posts & Moldings
  • GUARANTEED! against breaking and bending.
  • Black, brown, and tan colors post colors are "built in" with colored resins. Will not scratch, peel or flake off.
  • Does not conduct electricity – meets all Electrical Codes for your pool.
  • Does not become hot in the sun like metal posts.
  • Assembled with the highest quality materials with proven performance for over 28 years.
  • PVC coated polyester "open weave" transparent mesh. Strongest mesh available.
  • Patented POINT LOCK SECURE LATCH available for superior safety.
  • Patented LOCK-IN-DECK capability.
  • Protect-A-Child reputability, quality assembly and all stainless steel hardware.


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Fiberglass Fence Post

Fiberglass Posts

Guaranteed for life not to break or bend, and won't get hot in the sun. Only offered by Protect-A-Child!

Lock-In-Deck Post

Lock-In-Deck Post

With a simple twist motion, your posts lock firmly in place. When locked, the posts cannot be lifted out by a child.

Point-Lock Latch

Point-Lock Latch

Smart construction makes these locks easy for parents to latch, but impossible for little fingers to open.

Mesh and Components

Mesh & Components

Over 28 years with same strong, weatherproof thread, border, and sewing technique with zero failures.


Protect-A-Child's Quad Bilt™ Posts Are Unique

Our trademarked pool fence posts have been developed and engineered with a special "Quad Bilt" process. This process combines special composite materials that provide fence posts of incredible strength, flex resistance, and longevity. They are the only pool fence supports that have the strength and durability to support tension and flex with shock but will never become bent. In fact testing shows our Quad Bilt™ composite posts to be almost triple the strength of most competing aluminum fence posts. In field use for over 21 years they have proven to be superior to aluminum support posts in every way.

 Won't become bent or crooked.

Saggging Mesh Pool FenceLet's face it, if there wasn't a safety risk, you probably wouldn't want to fence your swimming pool. Worse yet would be if the pool fence you did install became crooked due to bent support posts.

Mesh pool fence posts are under constant stress from the tension that holds the mesh taut. This tension is magnified when the fence changes direction and turns around corners. Children running into or falling against an aluminum post fence can snap the posts clean off.

A primary benefit of our composite fiberglass posts is their flexural strength. Just as a stiff fishing rod can flex continually and rigorously yet maintain its strength, resiliency, and integrity - so it is with Protect-A-Child's Quad-Bilt™ composite posts. They are impervious to constant fence tension, stress and strain and can flex with shock yet will not become bent. Guaranteed! We actually offer an unlimited lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending.

 Superior warranty.

Pool Fence Lifetime WarrantyThe superior characteristics of these pool fence posts, combined with our 20 years of field experience installing them give us the confidence to back them with an unlimited lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending. If your solid core fiberglass fence posts ever break or becomes bent while used as a pool fence we will replace it.

 Built-in color.

Pool Fence Color OptionsThe color of our composite fiberglass pool fence post is built in with colored resins - not painted or "coated on" like aluminum posts. So it can never scratch off, peel off, or flake off.

 Meets the National Electrical Code.

Pool Fence National Electric CodeOur composite fiberglass pool fence posts are 100% non- metallic. Even the molding strips are made of composite fiberglass - so they don't conduct electricity. This is very important when your fence installation must be installed within 5' of the swimming pool to meet the National Electrical Code. This Code prohibits any un-bonded metal (such as an aluminum pool fence post) from being installed within 5' of the water's edge. Check with your local building inspector to make sure your pool and pool fence meet this code.

 Won’t become hot in the sun.

Pool Fence Heat ResistantOn a hot summer day the hood of a dark car can reach 170 degrees! Too hot to touch and almost hot enough to fry an egg. A dark aluminum pool fence post can reach over 150 degrees as the photo shows. Hot enough to burn little fingers. Our composite fiberglass pool fence support posts don’t get hot so you don't have to worry that your child might touch, or lean up against a hot metal pool fence post.

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Assembled with the Highest Quality Components

It is true that the pool safety fencing posts determine the strength of the fence, but Protect-A-Child did not stop there. Our Premier Line mesh pool fencing was designed as a system. We believe that in order to keep your child safe all components in the system should be of the highest quality. With over a quarter century of field testing and application Protect-A-Child has incorporated the best PVC coated polyester mesh, painted stainless steel screws, and custom designed polyvinyl sleeving and stainless steel point lock secure latches which are used in our patented Lock in Deck system - so it can actually twist lock the posts into the patio.


Word About Today's Fiberglass Composites

Fiberglass Composite Products

Today's fiberglass composites have proven to be the highest quality and strongest materials available. They are used in many applications requiring user friendly strength and weather resistance. These include water park and playground slides, swimming pools and spas, practically every boat built, high quality ax and shovel handles, commercial duty ladders, bullet proof vests, and even fifty-foot tall parking lot light posts. Other familiar applications of structural commercial composite fiberglass include the nozzles of the mesmerizing dancing fountains of the Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, the Observation Deck overlooking the breathtaking Niagara Falls, and the fiberglass walkways and aquarium supports at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. These applications all rely on structural fiberglass composite materials.

Protect-A-Child introduced composite fiberglass technology to mesh pool fencing in 1991. We moved forward with their production only after significant testing and engineering with Shakespeare and Co., developing a pool fence post construction process that provided superior performance to the less expensive aluminum post option. Since that time we have sold millions of composite pool fence posts throughout the world in all climates proving their superiority to aluminum in every category. By more than exceeding our expectations, they have proven worthy of the lifetime warranty we offer against both breakage and bending.


Pool Fence Size and Color Options

Sizes Colors
Heights Lengths Post Border Mesh
42" (1.07m)
48" (1.22m)
60" (1.52m)
6' (1.83m) 3 posts attached at 36" intervals Black
9' (2.74m) 4 posts attached at 36" intervals
12' (3.66m) 5 posts attached at 36" intervals
15' (4.57m) 6 posts attached at 36" intervals

*White is only offered in the 3-1/2' and 4' Fencing.


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