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Pet Safety Fences

Protect-A-Pet Safety Fences

Creating Pet Safe Areas for Your "Other" Children

When your pet is in the backyard you must be conscious of the danger your open pool poses to your pet’s safety. Many pets who fall into a swimming pool can’t climb out. They eventually exhaust themselves swimming round and round clawing at the edge of the pool.

Fortunately the Protect-A-Pet Fence is designed to help keep them safe.

Now you can keep your pet safe and contained in every environment by fencing the pool, closing off the patio, isolating them in the garage, or creating a temporary play yard. In just a few minutes transform any area into a pet safe environment!

Protect-A-Child Pet Safety Fence Features

  • Safe:Made with a tightly woven PVC coated polyester mesh, it is lightweight, durable, and won’t rot in the sun.
  • Strong:Supported by either 1” aluminum or our 1” composite fiberglass support posts it provides sufficient strength to keep your dog contained.
  • Secure:The taut mesh fits tight against the patio surface to prevent pets from squeezing under the fence.
  • Removable:It is lightweight and can be removed easily in minutes. You can then roll it up and store it in a corner or a closet.
  • Can be produced in several heights according to your dog’s size. As short as 30” (76 cm) or as tall as 60” (152 cm).


We install the Protect-A-Pet Fence by drilling small, quarter size holes into the concrete floor. These holes are sleeved with a plastic sleeve to size the hole for the posts. The fence posts essentially “plug” into those holes.

 Post Hole Caps

Once removed we provide small, color matching caps to cover the post holes.


When you want to remove your PROTECT-A-PET Fence simply unlatch the sections, lift the posts out, and roll the fence up. It is made in 15’ lengths for light weight and easy handling. Weight is about 13 lbs for 15’ of fence.

 Gate Options

Your Protect-A-Pet fence is available with either simple manual gates or self closing, self latching gates.


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    Pool GatesWe use the strongest, rust-free aluminum frames for our self-closing/self-latching pool gates. Our magnetically triggered gate latches and rigid double post truss system are the best on the market. All our pool gates are conveniently removable just as the entire pool safety fence.

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    Pool Fence MeshOur mesh, border, thread and sewing have proven themselves over 29 years. We take extra steps in assembly design and components selection to assure a long lasting quality fence. We use 1000 Denier Mesh with over 400 lbs burst strength along with 13 oz marine grade vinyl border material complete UV protection.

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