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Pool Safety Fence Gates

Pool Safety Fence Gates

Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Fence Gate

Our quality self-closing, self-latching pool fence gates incorporate strong aluminum frames color matched to your fence. With our self-closing, self-latching gates your fence meets most local pool codes.*

Our self-closing gates use the latest technology in latching and closing mechanisms for the most reliable mesh pool fence self-closing gates possible.

*Always check with local authorities

Why choose a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Safety Gate?

  • Rectangular aluminum frames provide superior rigidity to U shaped designs.
  • No bottom bar to step over or trip over.
  • No steel, no rust, no maintenance.
  • Top quality magnetically triggered gate latch.
  • Adjustable self closing, hinges.
  • Completely removable.


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 Pool Gate

Our gate latch is unique in that it uses a powerful magnet to operate the latching mechanism. As the catch approaches the latch, the magnet attracts it, pulls it in, and mechanically latches it tight. A major advantage of this latch is that it does not require a strong closing force to latch it making it more reliable than “force operated” catches. It is also key lockable. It has has received worldwide recognition as one of the safest gate latches available and meets all code requirements.

 Pool Gate Hinges

Tru Close® hinges are injection molded from strong glass-fiber reinforced polymers. All metal components are stainless steel for rust resistance. Their closing force is adjustable with the turn of a screwdriver to provide just the right amount of closing force.

All components and fasteners in our gates are stainless steel or aluminum for years of reliability. Like the rest of our fence, our self-closing, self-latching gates are also completely removable.


  PLEASE NOTE: Although self-closing gates appear convenient, parents should never rely upon their mechanisms for total safety.


Manual Gate. Simple, Effective and No Additional Cost!

Manual Pool Fence GateRemovable mesh pool fences were designed for manual gate operation for the utmost simplicity and safety. Pictured is our standard manual gate design. Simply remove one or both posts wherever two sections connect and fold back. The removal of one post folded back provides a 3' opening. Opening two posts is similar to opening double doors providing a 6' wide opening. Manual gates are simple, effective, and safe because there are no automatic mechanisms involved and they are always visually either open or closed. Choosing this option is also more attractive due to the consistent appearance of the fence.


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Pool Safety Guide
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    Little fingers can't open our patented Point-Lock Secure Latch.
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  • Self-Closing/Self-Latching Gates >

    Pool GatesWe use the strongest, rust-free aluminum frames for our self-closing/self-latching pool gates. Our magnetically triggered gate latches and rigid double post truss system are the best on the market. All our pool gates are conveniently removable just as the entire pool safety fence.

    Pool Gates
  • Mesh & Other Fence Components >

    Pool Fence MeshOur mesh, border, thread and sewing have proven themselves over 29 years. We take extra steps in assembly design and components selection to assure a long lasting quality fence. We use 1000 Denier Mesh with over 400 lbs burst strength along with 13 oz marine grade vinyl border material complete UV protection.

    Pool Fence Mesh
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