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Pool safety Children

Emotional Effects of a Child’s Drowning

Emotional Effects of a Child’s Drowning   Dealing with the death of anyone can be traumatizing. But,…

Pool safety Children

A Savings Plan Will Help with Baby Proofing Your Pool

Many families with pools and children postpone baby proofing with a Pool Fence.    Are you one…

Pool safety Children

Protect-A-Child is Working to Keep Your Home Baby Safe®

Underestimating Your Child – A Price No Parent Wants to Pay.   As proud parents and grandparents,…

Pool safety Children

How My Pool Safety Fence Made Holiday Mornings More Relaxing

Holidays in our house mean one thing… that the kids will beat us out of bed! I…

Pool safety Children

Why I Had to Have a Protect‑A‑Child Pool Fence

After renting for two years, my husband and I were so ready to finally be moving into…

Pool safety Children

7 Steps for Peace of Mind About Your Pool on Date Night

It’s 7 p.m. on Friday night. You and the hubby have big plans, like, going for pizza…

Pool safety Children

A Grandparent’s Letter to Other Pool Owners

“Dear prospective client, You may consider this as an endorsement letter from a client who is delighted…