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I have had a pool since 1997 I now have 2 grandchildren and immediately knew I needed a safe pool area. After much research I found the Protect a Child pool fence to be the best option for me. Kathy and Bo Dunn of the Southeast office were delightful to work with. They delivered what the promised and that was a safe nice looking fence with professional installation! Thanks Kathy and Bo for making my pool area a place we can relax and enjoy with our grandchildren!

– Bobbie F, Bowman, SC

As a grandmother with a pool, I wanted to be sure my young grandchildren would always be safe. Thank you Kathy and Bo Dunn for all your help and information during our decision making. I am so pleased with the look and function of our new fence. It is exactly what we need!

– Marcella, Marietta, GA

Had a blast with the volleyball net on Sunday. We had a friendly game of husbands vs wives. The net is awesome! Much better than the cheaper nets made of string… The fence kept the volleyball in the pool area as well, so no more running after out of bounds hits. Thanks again, and with your help we are enjoying our pool even more this summer!

– Bobbie F, Bowman, SC
“We were moving into a new house with a pool and two small children. Kathy was fantastic with her advice and proactively followed up to ensure we got the
fence installed ASAP. They cam out on a Saturday and did a stellar job installing fence. Excellent work, extremely conscientious team, best-in-class product. Couldn’t be happier.”
– Michael P, Brookhaven, GA
WOW- I am so thankful I stumbled upon this company and Kathy & Bo (SE owners). I called Kathy on Wednesday morning to learn more about the product and I was instantly impressed with her thoughtfulness and willingness to explain and answer all of my questions. This is just what I was looking for before I moved into my new house with a pool and two young children (1 & 4). THE NEXT MORNING Kathy & Bo were over installing my new fence. I can now move into the house with no fears of my children’s safety and excited to enjoy the house and the yard for years to come! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I have already received a ton of compliments on the fence and how great it looks. People actually think that it was an upgraded addition to our backyard on the golf course. I couldn’t be happier and am so thankful for this company and that the wonderful Bo & Kathy do what they do day in and day out to help protect children like ours!!
– Emily P, Marietta, GA
“Kathy it looks amazing!! We are SO very excited to get our three babies in the yard!!! I truly can’t thank you enough for your persistence…The fence is something that we needed done fast, but I have also been very busy and pulled in a million directions… I really appreciate your professionalism and follow-up. Thank you for getting us taken care of so fast!”
– Tina M.
“Oh wow! Thank you so much!! Honestly, I had no idea even how fast it would be installed & how thankful we would be! We hosted Easter with 11 littles & 9 the rest of the week here. We’ve been outside most of the days, & not once have I worried about the pool!! Of course we’re constantly counting heads, but I’m not panicking like I obviously would have been without it!”
– Ann M., Columbia, SC
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my fence yesterday. I was quite amazed that from the time of my first phone call to you, the whole project was completed within one business day. Your pricing was great, your service was unbelievable, and the final product was beautiful. I have had many jobs done at my houses over the last several years, and the clean and efficient manner which you work in is actually very impressive. Since you have completed the job, my piece of mind has increased tremendously. I will no longer have to worry about my little one accidentally falling into the pool. I hope to be able to send more business your way in the future. It is rare to find companies that are professionals at what they do, and you all have certainly managed to achieve that.”
– David W.
“Bo and Kathy Dunn were amazing! They went out of their way to make sure our pool fence was installed before we moved into our new house with 3 young children. They made sure we got exactly what we wanted and needed. I would highly recommend everyone choose Bo and Kathy to install their pool fence. I will recommend them to everyone.”
– Kristi G., Aiken, SC
“Bo & Kathy Dunn from Protect-A-Child did a wonderful job. Very friendly and professional. I had my fence installed December 2018, just before having a huge New Year’s Eve party. It was great having that peace of mind, knowing our guests, their kids and ours were safe to enjoy the holiday festivities in our backyard. Great job.”
– Vernette B.
“We recently moved to a place what came with a pool. Being somewhat remote, the former owners did not have a fenced in yard. Since living here, I have rescued 2 neighborhood dogs from the frigid pool water, one in the middle of the cold night, in the rain, and the other one in the day time who wanted to go for a swim, not realizing that the water would be cold. Neither dog went to the steps to try to get out. If I had not seen/heard them, they would have drowned. We LOVE having the peace of mind that the pool is secure! By having the pool fence up, it will keep our older dog safe, roaming dogs safe, as well as older family members when they come to visit. We do not want anyone to loose their balance and fall into the pool. Doing research regarding the different pole types out there, to hold up the fencing, and how many of them can bend and break with a 40+ pound child, or dog, leaning on it, this is the only company that we found, locally, with the high quality poles that will not give in to bend and break like all of the other types of poles out there. Do your research, then come back to purchase from Protect-A-Child pool fence company. Make your money work for you to protect your loved ones and pets. Again, give yourself peace of mind, whether you are home or not, to protect others, as well as animals, from drowning. Thank you, Kathy and Bo, for a job very well done!”
– Kimberly S., South Cleveland, TN
“What a great product we have!!!!!! On a professional note….the pool fence you guys put up in our home back in 1985….got great use. We kept it up until both of our sons could swim….which was probably for about 5-6 yrs. Stored it in the garage and brought it back out for my grandson….it was a bit Battle scarred by then ….had some “doctoring” of it….but worked for the 3 yrs we kept it up….Did its job!”
– Diane S.
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Thirty years ago we were shopping for something that would keep our son out of the pool, and we found that a pool fence was the best option for us. We loved it so much we became  Protect-A-Child dealers shortly after that.  The product has improved over the years to the most superior pool fence on the market because of the fiberglass composite posts. And, coming from the airline industry, we know how important performance and precision are, so along with first class customer service, we strive for the highest accuracy on each job.
“When we leave a job, the fence is perfect. It is very secure. The patio is safe. And we really pride ourselves in that.”

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