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Pool safety

Make Sure Your Pool Is Safe This Summer

With summer upon us, many families are looking forward to lazy days spent having fun in their…

Pool safety Pets

Protect Your Pets Around the Pool

Most pool owners would never dream of leaving a small child unattended near their pool. The first…

Lessons Swimming

Swimming Lessons: Are They Really Enough?

Nothing is more devastating than losing a child because of a preventable accident. To protect their children…

Safety Swimming

YMCA of the Treasure Coast Advocates Water Safety

Proper water safety practice is essential for ALL people who come in contact with or are near…

Swimming Pool Tips

Why We No Longer Use Aluminum Posts

At Protect-A-Child, we have always been concerned with providing the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction….

Pool safety Pool fences

Shakespeare & Co. (Ugly Stik) Involvement in Our Post Design

Shakespeare is known for inventing an amazing fiberglass fishing rod know as the “Ugly Stik.” This fishing…

Swimming Pool Tips

How Salt Water Pools Corrode Aluminum Pool Fences

Recently, the swimming pool industry has found that maintaining your pool with low levels of salt, rather…

Pool safety Children

7 Steps for Peace of Mind About Your Pool on Date Night

It’s 7 p.m. on Friday night. You and the hubby have big plans, like, going for pizza…

Pool safety Pool fences

Mom Reacts to Competing Mesh Pool Fence Test

Look-a-like fences from china now flood the market. Many suppliers of these cheap fences possess little or…

Drowning statistics Swimming

Drowning Close Call Minutes Before Pool Fence Installed

Recently, our South Carolina pool fence dealer arrived at a house to do what they thought was…

Pool safety Pool fences

Real People Test and Discuss Pool Fence Safety

Often times pool owners believe the mesh on the pool fence is the most important safety feature. We…

Fun Stuff

Goalkeeper Punts Soccer Ball into Pool Fence

Inspired by the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil, we thought it would be a great…