Pool Safeguards Frequently Overlooked – Part III Storage

By Don Coppedge

A Five Part Series Cont’


Part Three

Storage is paramount! What you see as pool accessories, such as; buckets, the vacuum, beach toys, and skimmer basket, kids see as an end to justify the means of getting to the pool.  Proper storage and limiting sun exposure not only extends the life of these tools, but also helps to minimize the temptation to use them for unintended purposes.

Lock away stackable items for proper pool safeguards.

Lock stackable items away!



  1.  Use a pool accessory box or a deck box to stow away pool accessories.

Children can stack unimaginable objects to use as a step up to breach the barrier. Using a lock on these boxes is also highly recommended.  We endorse lock use not only to keep the children out but to also protect them from the heavy lid falling on them.

Locked Pool Accessory Box


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