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Our removable mesh pool fence is designed with unbreakable fiberglass posts that can twist-lock securely into your deck.

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Why Choose US?

Superior Strength

  • Quad-Bilt Solid Core Composite Fiberglass Posts
  • Lifetime Guarantee to NEVER break or bend
  • No more bent, crooked aluminum posts

Proven Safety

  • Tightly woven mesh discourages kids from climbing
  • Soft mesh will not hurt kids who may fall against it
  • Safety features limit ability to unlatch or remove posts

Convenient Features

  • Easily remove and reinstall in minutes
  • Self-Latching/Self-Closing Gate
  • Transparent mesh provides a clear view of pool
Extra layers of protection for your pool fence

SureSafeTM Features provide extra layers of protect for your family.

  • Lock-in-Deck Posts are too difficult for children to take out, but are easy for parents to unlock and remove with a simple twisting motion.
  • Secure Point-Lock Latches provide secure, adjustable connections between fence sections to prevent them from being removed.
  • Self-Closing Gates give you a convenient and safe way to help keep your pool fence closed and locked.

Thank you for the excellent job you did with the fence. My grand children are here and it is being used multiple times a day. The fence gives us peace of mind and thanks for teaching me how to use the locking mechanisms. I appreciated your skill and also how neat you were. Thanks again for a job well done.

– Patti

Soon after my wife and I built our dream house and pool, our daughter blessed us with two cherished grandchildren. It dawned on me that I did not have a reliable safety product for our pool. I searched the web and found Protect-A-Child pool fences. Within days after our call, we had our fence – and the best peace of mind we could get! WE LOVE OUR PROTECT-A-CHILD FENCE!

– Charles S.

Thanks for a job well done and on time. So Many vendors only give lip service not real sales service. You are #1 in doing what you say when you say you’ll do it. Thanks so much for this.

– Carol M.

I just wanted to thank you again for your work and the awesome pool fence. We love it!!  It looks great!!  The feeling of security is unspeakable.  We sat in the back yard all afternoon while the kids played and we really got to enjoy the back yard for the first time today.  For that, we cannot thank you enough.

– Stephanie B.
"When I started, I wanted to go with the best and the safest."-Kent

Safety and Durability of Fiberglass Posts

  • Strong, Unbreakable Design

    Protective layers and solid-core design provide long-lasting support.

  • Will Not Become Crooked

    Powerful resilience against stress keeps your fence straight and taut.

  • Built-In Color

    Post color will never chip or flake off, so your fence stays attractive.

  • Non-Conductor

    Does not require grounding within five feet of the pool as aluminum does.

  • Resistant to Heat

    Posts stay cool to touch in the sun, unlike hot aluminum posts.

  • No Rust or Corrosion

    Fence does not corrode around salt-water pools like aluminum posts do.

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