• Midland/Odessa Pool Fence Dealer Story

    Troy Tolifson’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Midland/Odessa
    “This is a quality product. There’s nothing else like it. After seeing the test on it, there’s nothing else close to that solid fiberglass post.”
  • Indianapolis, Springfield,Cincinnati Pool Fence Dealers Story

    Kent McCool’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Indianapolis
    “When I started, I wanted to go with the best and the safest.”
  • Brian Jackman Pool Fence Dealer Story

    Brian Jackman’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Vancouver
    “This is a product that you can trust. The company has been around for well over 30 years. I’ve been doing it for over half my career and I have yet to have any complaints with this product.”
  • Los Angeles Pool Fence Dealer's Story

    Gene Bissinger’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Los Angeles
    “We have by far the best poles out there. You can see that on the videos and you can see it when I bring it and show it to you. They’re solid poles.”
  • Phoenix Pool Fence Video

    Marty Olshansky’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Phoenix
    “I look at the backyard like it’s my backyard and those are my kids.”
  • Mark & Susan Roberts’ Story

    Protect-A-Child of Private: North Houston
    “We don’t just meet the standards; we exceed them.”
  • Naples Pool Fence Video

    Russ Weaver’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Naples / Fort Myers
    “Being a part of Team Protect-A-Child, you have to take a sense of pride and responsibility.”
  • Veracruz Pool Fence Video

    Mario Rodriguez’s Story

    Protect-A-Child of Veracruz
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