“Oh wow! Thank you so much!! Honestly, I had no idea even how fast it would be installed & how thankful we would be! We hosted Easter with 11 littles & 9 the rest of the week here. We’ve been outside most of the days, & not once have I worried about the pool!! Of course we’re constantly counting heads, but I’m not panicking like I obviously would have been without it!”
– Ann M., Columbia, SC
“Greg was a pleasure to deal with. He was very informative and takes pride in his work and business. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a pool requiring a fence that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Thanks guys!!”
– Brian A.
“I have had my fence for over 6 years now and it is still one of the best things we have done to our house. It provides anxiety relief for letting my kids play in my yard but keeps them out of the pool. It also protects my turtles from my dog. Jon and Aimee were awesome to work with. They came out really quickly and arrived in a timely manner. I really appreciated their level of communication, which you don’t always find with people who work on your house. They were very pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone need a pool fence or piece of mind for your kid’s safety.”
– Elizabeth F., Mission Viejo, CA
“We love our Protect-a-Child pool fence! The mesh is strong, the posts are sturdy and the gate is perfect. The result was even nicer looking than we expected. And if we want, we can take it all down in less than half an hour! The whole process between scheduling the initial appointment to completed installation went quickly and smoothly. Greg helped us keep costs as low as possible while not sacrificing quality or design. Mike did an excellent job installing our fence and making last minute adjustments. Both Greg and Mike are professional and personable. We highly recommend Protect-A-Child fencing by Greg and Mike!”
– Rebekkah C.
My husband and I own a solar thermal installation company. We have met many clients over the years that are looking for a company that installs pool fencing. I am so happy that we found Bridie and her team! They are awesome to work with. It feels so good to be able to recommend another business with total confidence to clients.
– Danielle E., Escondido, California

This Company was fantastic. They were timely, and very professional. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking!

– Karen D, Ocala, FL
“We had Kevin install Protect A Child fence on a large area around our pool about 2 yrs ago. And then recently we decided to add more fencing to completely enclose our pool from our 3 year old granddaughter. Kevin is always professional, on time, has excellent workmanship, and additional ideas to help keep your little ones safe. We truly thank you Kevin and it has brought us tremendous peace of mind!!”
– Patricia S, Albuquerque, NM

I wanted a pool fence installed and called Marty, a distributor in the Phoenix area and after installing my pool fence I am amazed of the quality and durability it has. Marty did a fabulous job , he was efficient, punctual, great price and quality installation. If anyone is looking to install a pool fence call this guy. You will not be disappointed.

– Brenda M., Scottsdale, Arizona
“We have 4 grandchildren, from 1 year old to five years old. They like to go out and play in our backyard, and we enjoy being out there with them One huge problem is that we have a large swimming pool that takes up half of the space back there. When the grand-kids are playing in the backyard, they require direct and constant supervision, to prevent a serious accident. The older kids have learned how to open the back-doors…so the un-monitored pool is a safety hazard. The Protect a Child pool safety fence has relieved us of that stress. We can now relax when the grand-kids are playing in the backyard. Jon and Aimee are true pros, keeping us well-informed throughout the process. Installation was very easy and quick.”
– Al C., Riverside County, CA
“Chris installed our pool fence in a matter of a couple of hours. We are very pleased with his product—it’s super easy to use and much less visually obtrusive you might expect for a pool fence! Chris is also a credible, responsive, and professional person; I have no hesitation in recommending him and Protect-A-Child!”
– Andrew L., Tucson, AZ
“The guys just finished putting up our new pool fence. I couldn’t be happier with the fence and highly recommend Every and Jean Rossiter at midwest@protectachild.com. They were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.”
– Paul and Tina P.
“Exactly as stated. I purchased this fence because my grandson lives with me. I couldn’t have him here without knowing I have all safety measures in place. This product is sturdy, adult user friendly and the best on the market. It looks good as well. Mr. Johnson did the install and gave us hands-on instructions. Mr. Johnson has installed many of these fences, is very professional and knowledgeable. In addition, you will have the comfort of knowing it is installed properly, backed by best in class warranty and a great safety measure for your family. Buy this product and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Mr. Johnson.”
– Timothy T., St. Johns County, FL
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