Pool Fence Colors

Multiple Style Options

Your pool fence complements your backyard style with our variety of colors, heights, and custom configurations.

Versatile Pool Fence Color Options and Combinations

Want a sleek and stylish pool fence that actually enhances the look of your backyard space? What about a pool fence that complements your color choices? You’re at the right place. Our color options allow you to mix and match for transparency and blend that will actually add to the beauty of your pool and patio. Our fiberglass fence posts are designed with built-in pigment, so the color will not chip or flake off. Choose from our versatile palette of stylish colors:

  • True Black fence posts, mesh, and borders (most transparent)
  • Chocolate Brown fence posts, mesh, and borders
  • Desert Tan fence posts, mesh, and borders
  • We also offer a variety of mixed-color combinations to better match your style needs.

Choose from Four Pool Fence Heights

Our pool fences and other mesh fence options are custom-built with a height designed to meet the safety needs of your family. Your choices range from our tallest—a 5 ft (152 cm) fence—all the way down to our smallest—a 3.5 ft (106.7 cm) pet safety fence. Our 4 ft and 5 ft  height options meet ASTM and other building codes. Here are some standard sizes:

  • 3.5 ft (106.7 cm)
  • Standard: 4 ft (91.4 cm)
  • Tall: 5 ft (152.4 cm)

Multi-Step, Slopes and Other Custom Pool Fence Configurations

Is your pool fence installation straightforward, only requiring the enclosure of the pool on a flat patio? Or, do you, like many families, require a custom configuration with extensive problem solving? Whether you need to negotiate steps, transition over retaining walls, traverse a slope, or incorporate a natural rock wall, we can craft a fencing solution to safely regulate your little ones’ pool access. Count on our 30 years of experience to guide you in creating the best fence design for your needs. Here are some of the custom configurations we support:

  • Multiple steps
  • Slopes
  • Dirt or grass
  • Curves
  • Sharp corners

Pool Fence Deck Cap Color Options for When Your Fence Is Removed

What about those little holes left in the patio after your pool fence has been removed? Not to worry. Your fence installation includes color-keyed, flush-fitting patio caps to plug the small post holes. Unlike other fence manufacturers, Protect-A-Child’s deck caps fit snug and won’t wash out with heavy rain or patio rinsing. We offer them in four standard colors to match most patio surfaces, from cool deck to travertine to brick pavers. Our standard deck cap colors include:

  • Desert Tan
  • Cool Gray
  • Bright White
  • Terracotta Red

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