How do the pool fence posts lock into the deck?

Our plastic deck sleeves are designed with a groove running from top to bottom. Fence posts with Lock-in-Deck, include a screw at the bottom which fits into the groove of the sleeve. You will insert your post into the sleeve, aligning the screw with the groove. Once fully inserted you can twist the post to misalign the screw with the groove.  This […]

How do I clean my mesh pool fence?

A good rinsing works wonders, while a soap and water scrub will bring the fence back to new condition. Light pressure washing cleans it rapidly. If you have heavy mildew on your patio and some gets on the fence, try soap and water first, then you can add a 20% bleach solution. Take care to […]

What is the best way to remove my mesh fence?

Removal is all about remembering where the sections go upon reinstallation. Most fence sections will be 15 ft. long, and many are interchangeable in their holes. First, take note of where any short sections might be, and note their location. Next, unlatch each section latch to remove tension from the entire fence or the sections […]

How do I reinstall my pool fence?

Note the pattern of holes in the patio deck. Wherever two holes are 2.5 in. apart, is where two sections join. The most common length sections are 15 ft. long and have a total of six posts spaced apart in 3-foot intervals. There will likely be one or more sections that are a shorter or […]

Can I leave my mesh fence up forever?

While it is recommended that you remove the fence a couple times each year to flush sediment out of the holes and rinse off the bottom of the fence posts, the fence can be left up. We recommend making this a part of your spring and fall regimen. Otherwise, the fence can be left up. […]