Pool Safety Features

We designed these feature to increase the child safety of our pool barriers and enhance the parent-user experience. 

Point-Lock Section Latch

Our Point-Lock latch system is the most secure pool fence latch available. It is made out of stainless-steel for years of protected use outdoors. Our pool fence latch requires a two step operation of squeezing the sections together and compressing the butterfly wings to open.  Additionally run the jam nut up to the eye when closed to further increase safety. To remove simply, run jam nut back far enough to allow butterfly wings to compress and be guided through the eye.

Hole Covers

Protect-A-Child hole cover add a finished look to your pool fence. They completely cover your deck sleeve (the tan plastic insert) making your fence look classy and helping prevent dirt and debris build up.


The optional pool fence feature allows your fence to lock into your deck. A set pin can be added to your fence so that it twist locks into place once latched together. This feature allows the fence to become permanent if necessary.