Modular Mesh

Modular pool fence panel slide up tp show functionality.

Modular Panel Design

PAC Engineers reimagined the mesh pool fence using the latest technology in design and modern composite materials to create the most advanced mesh pool fence there is.  The new modular design enables mesh attachment in 3’panels of mesh, not continuous 15’ long lengths.  This makes for simple replacements and superior installation options.

Fence strength is in the mesh itself, not the vinyl border.

We use 1000 denier mesh, marine rated vinyl border material, UV rated marine thread and a lock stitch sewing that can’t unravel like lock stitch. As such, we don’t need extra stitching for crazy strong mesh. Our mesh retains a burst rating of over 380 lbs for an amazingly strong mesh pool fence suitable for numerous applications.

Low Profile Border

Our new low profile vinyl border (which is now lock stitch sewn), you’ll have a low profile finished edge that provides a maximum transparency window of your fence and vinyl border stitching that can’t unravel. Less obtrusive border has not been a feasible until we designed this new system.

New Low Profile Pool Fence Border
Wide Pool Fence Border