New Composite
Pool Safety Gates

Black magna latch key lockable latch.

Lockable Magna Latch

Our self-closing pool safety gates use key-lockable Magna-latches to make entering and exiting your pool super convenient.

Black magna-latch spring loaded gate hinge.

Spring-Loaded Hinges

Our pool gates use spring loaded hinges to automatically swing your pool fence gate closed.

See how our pool safety gates perform against over the top stress testing.

Strength Paired With Flexibility

Our gate frames are rigid when shut and share the properties of our I-beam posts. Strong flexible frame members are forgiving when stress and always find their original shape. Our pool gates never get bent and stay bent.

Gate Configurations

If you have a preference, ask your dealer for more information on each system.

2 hole pool safety gate system.

2 Hole System

Only requires two holes in patio but leaves the gate frame connected to the fence section when rolled up.

3 hole pool safety gate system.

3 Hole System

Requires three holes per side and makes the gate frame fully detachable from the fence.

Manual Entry

Manual Entries are built into every fence. Whenever two sections join together, the pool fence can be unlatched for entry and exit.

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How do you adjust your pool safety gate?