Occasionally self-closing gates can get out of alignment. If your gate is having trouble latching then it may be time for an adjustment. This is normal and easy to do in less than 5 minutes. To adjust a magna latch, only one #2 Phillips head screwdriver is necessary.

  1. Check the alignment marks (2 small notches) on the front and side of the Magna Latch where it contacts the frame catch.
  2. Open the gate and look on the inside of the catch that is attached to the frame itself (the arm piece attached to the gate frame). You should see a silver set screw which controls the horizontal movement of the catch. Turning that screw left or right will restrict or extend the catch. Up to 1″ of adjustment is possible in either direction.
  3. Once the front notches are aligned, look on the side of the latch(on the truss post) to see the side notches.
  4. If not in alignment, remove the set screw on the side of the latch. Removal allows you to slide the entire latch up or down vertically to align the side alignment marks.
  5. Once aligned, find an open hole on the side to replace and reinstall the set screw.
  6. Check operation and that is it! You are now an expert at keeping your gate aligned.

If you want to increase how strongly the door shuts, follow the steps below. You will need a large flat head screwdriver.

  1. Notice the arrows on top of the hinge.
  2. Push down and turn counter clockwise to increase tension.
  3. To decrease tension, push down and allow the hinge to release tension in a clockwise rotation.

Note: Most lower hinges have a toe stop attached to prevent climbing. Simply remove this toe stop with a Philips screwdriver to access the lower tension adjustment. Then reinstall the toe stop. That’s it!

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