Why we no longer use aluminum.

We were the first to use aluminum pool fencing and the first to switch by designing a better alternative.

When did we use aluminum?

Although we currently offer only composite fence posts in our fence line, we have always been the experts in aluminum post mesh pool fencing as well.  We specialized in aluminum post mesh pool fences for 28 years from 1984-2012 until we made the switch to fiberglass.

See How We Compare To Aluminum.

Honesty is important. Many fence companies claim they are the “strongest” and the “best”. Only Protect-A-Child proves it.

What are some examples of the performance differences in our composite fiberglass vs competitors aluminum?

First of all, our composite fiberglass posts are high quality composite.  (Check out our collaboration with Shakespeare to learn about our fiberglass research.) They are not the cheap, weak, non-UV resistant fiberglass tubes that competitors introduce years ago. So when you hear competitors speak negatively about fiberglass posts it’s because their posts weren’t designed for the task at hand. Even after the Jeep, runs over the pool fence post, amazingly it retains 1/3 of its strength.

Quality of Fiberglass

Waterparks choose fiberglass slides for their flexibility in design and outdoor resilience. These are made for years of wet skin contact and of course fun!

Colorful fiberglass water slide.

Why don't others use fiberglass?

It’s easier for competitors to order pre-made aluminum post fencing from China.  Implementing fiberglass properly takes years of research and expertise.

What happens if a fiberglass post breaks?

Not much. To break one you REALLY have to try. If broken, a small crack will appear on the inside of the post and the post will retain about ⅓ of its strength (40-50lbs).  It won’t shear off from the patio and there isn’t any impending danger of loose fiberglass.  Just call us to swap it out.

We Believe in Innovation...

These following designs would not be possible if made from aluminum.

I-beam pool fence post blue drawing.

I-Beam Post

165lb strength rating guaranteed never to become bent.

Pool fence mesh sliding into post drawing.


Unique modular design for a fresh, modern look and the ability to replace panels if necessary.

New pool fence hole covering drawing

Hole Covers

Provide a finished look and prevent dirt and debris from entering your deck holes.