Shakespeare & Co. (Ugly Stik) Involvement in Our Post Design

Shakespeare is known for inventing an amazing fiberglass fishing rod know as the “Ugly Stik.”

This fishing rod was developed using a unique manufacturing process that made it known as the first fishing rod to be considered indestructible. You may remember their popular series of TV commercials in the 80s and 90s, where they would perform over-the-top product tests, such as placing the Ugly Stik in a garage disposal, to showcase the pole’s unbreakable strength.

Classic Ugly Stik Fishing Pole TV Commercial

While Shakespeare & Co. has been in the composites industry for more than 100 years, Protect-A-Child first partnered with them in 1991 to create a nearly indestructible composite fiberglass pool fence support post. Shakespeare assisted us in developing this first-of-its-kind post, which was more resistant to breakage and bending, as well as impervious to corrosion. We are fortunate to have benefited from Shakespeare’s experience in structural composites, with the true winner being our customers. Drawing upon that experience, we have been successful in producing extreme performance fence support posts for 33 years, keeping children safer, and providing parents with more secure, attractive fences that continue to amaze us. Now in 2023 we introduce the NEW GENERATION OF MESH POOL FENCE AND MESH POOL FENCE SUPPORT POST. Our Curved I Beam design fence post and new patent pending modular mesh panel design break the mold of old style mesh fences. Our fencing no longer relies upon screws and fence moldings to attach the mesh section to the post. Rather than 15’lengths of fence, our modular system contains individual 3′ panels interlocked into the I Beam post slots. This is a super strong system with a 100% capture of mesh to fence post. As we have done since our beginning in 1984, Protect-A-Child leads the mesh pool fence industry.

Please take a moment to read some of the incredible testimonies from appreciative customers whose fences have remained straight and intact through hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, bears, and, well, you name it!

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