A Grandparent’s Letter to Other Pool Owners

“Dear prospective client,

You may consider this as an endorsement letter from a client who is delighted with the service from Ken and Joyce of Protect-A-Child Fence Systems in Toms River, NJ.

Please note, this is an UNSOLICITED ENDORSEMENT LETTER, which I am providing at my insistence. These folks deserve your business. Period.

We recently installed an in-ground pool, and, having three small grandchildren, safety is our utmost concern.

To save time, below are the reasons we selected Protect-A-Child, as well as the reasons we totally endorse them:

  1. I selected Protect-A-Child, first, because I was impressed with online video demonstrating the superior strength of their support poles. After calling for more information, and chatting with Joyce, and learning that her husband Ken PERSONALLY does each install, I was convinced.
  2. Ken performed this install in time for Memorial Day, as promised, even though we gave him little advance notice. He knew that Memorial Day was grand opening day for our pool, and that it was important we have the pool ready for the grandkids. He made it IMPORTANT to him.
  3. When Ken surveyed the pool area, he took the time to consider the most pleasing layout for the fence installation, so as not to detract from our landscaping. It would have been easier (for him) to just circle the pool, and be on his way, but he pointed out that, as we had such beautiful landscaping, it would have been a shame to rush through it.
  4. During the install, it started to pour. It was late on a Friday afternoon, and I expected him to simply stop and complete the install the following week. Knowing the grandkids were coming in the morning, Ken and his associate worked in the rain, getting completely soaked, but nonetheless completing the install so that we were ready for the family’s arrival in the morning.
  5. It has been almost three months since our Protect-A-Child install, and the fence, as well as the self-locking gate system, works flawlessly, even though we take it up and down almost weekly, based on who is coming to visit.

While I’m certain there are similar pool protection products on the market, based on our experience with the people, product, and services of Protect-Child in Toms River, you will definitely receive a quality installation.

Note: We did spend a bit more for the upgraded poles (with fiberglass inserts for added strength) and I am glad we did so. Last weekend, our three-year old tried to push on the fence to gain pool entry, and the poles and fence performed exactly as advertised. We would NEVER consider any pool (when kids are involved) without a Protect-A-Child fence.

Enjoy your pool, and protect those kids or grandkids!”

—Scott & Debbie M. Margate, New Jersey

If you are in the New Jersey area and would like to contact Ken and Joyce for your FREE swimming pool fence installation estimate, you can call them at 1-800-942-5892.

To find a Protect-A-Child installer outside of the New Jersey area, visit our Pool Fence Dealer page, or call 772-398-3400, for more information.

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