6 Simple Pool Fence Installation Steps

Wondering what is involved in a pool fence installation? We are here to help.

Pool Fencing Installation Basics


We recommend leaving at least 20 inches between your fence and the edge of your pool. This gives you room to walk on the inside of the pool fence. Check local codes if necessary. Fence sections are typically 15 ft long and consist of 6 posts attached on 36” centers. There is a 2.5 inch space between fence sections.

Measuring with a rolling tape for a pool fence.
Core-drilling a pool fence deck.


We use diamond core drill equipment to drill clean, precise holes in your patio to accept the fence posts. This protects your pool deck from the hammering and chipping process experienced with hammer drills used by others. The holes are typically 4 inches deep.


After drilling, we insert a plastic pool fence sleeve which provides a perfectly sized socket into which the fence post is placed. The channel in the sleeve is to enable our optional lock-in-deck feature.

Plastic pool fence sleeve.


Once the fence sections are inserted into the pool fence post holes, the point lock latches at the top of the fence latch the fence sections together. Wherever these stainless steel latches are placed you are enabled entry and exit points through the fence. Since sections are typically no more than 15 feet long you have numerous potential access points. Learn about our patented latches here.

Little girl looking and pushing on a mesh fence.


The pool fence provides a safe barrier between your child and the pool. We make pool safety our priority. Enjoy your backyard with peace of mind. The pool fence is completely removable to give you the flexibility life requires. Remember: always have adult supervision with little ones in the backyard.


If you remove your pool fence, cover the holes with pool fence caps. We offer 4 different patio cap colors to match your deck. If you need additional caps, make sure to reach out to your local dealer.

Tan pool fence cap.

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