The New Generation of Mesh Pool Fencing Is Here.

New Patent Pending Design Redefines Mesh Pool Fencing

The Pool Fence Safety Solution

Help keep your family safe with our newest patent pending, super strong and attractive removable pool fence.

New curved I Beam design and urethane composites mean they far exceed the strength of all others and won’t fade or deteriorate.

The new sleek, modular mesh panels slide in and out enabling quick, inexpensive repairs (vs 15′ sections).

They provide a 100% capture of mesh to post and eliminate post screws and fence moldings!
Attractive new sleeve covers keep dirt and debris out of fence holes!


Family Pool Fence

Every pool fence is not the same.

Watch these kids put our posts and a competing aluminum post fence to the test. She was shocked—and you will be too—with how easily her children are able to knock down the competing aluminum post fence and crawl through to the pool.

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If anyone has questions about the quality of this product my fence is a testament. It was installed 27 years ago and has survived 2 boys, several labs, hurricanes and the extreme heat of southern LA. The fence is still standing in good condition protecting our pool. I totally recommend this product.
– Tammy M., Baton Rouge, LA
We chose this fence for couple of reasons…no metal so it won’t get hot, it won’t rust on our patio, you can easily see through the mesh, and the fence can be easily taken down. The tension and construction will keep our little ones SAFE!
– Scott & Vicki G., Vail, Arizona
We are beyond thrilled to breathe easier knowing our pool is enclosed. Our 14 month old had gotten pretty mobile and we were very anxious. Bo and Kathy were just so wonderful to work with – you will definitely be getting plenty of referrals from us.
– L. Tomlin., Tennessee
I have installed and serviced all brands of pool fence for over 20 years. This is my opinion of the Protect-A-Child fence. There is no doubt about the quality of their fence. Let me start with their border material. Most borders degrade and fall apart before the rest of the fence. Their border goes the full distance, stays in good condition for at least 15 years, from what I've seen. The mesh fabric they use is the strongest available, so no problem there. The fiberglass poles: flexible and hard to break, no problem there. All in all, you get what you pay for, a top quality, long-lasting fence.
– The Old Fence Guy., California
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SureSafeTM Features

These additional pool fence components provide extra layers of protection for added peace of mind.

  • Lock-in-Deck Posts

    A twist motion locks your posts firmly in place, but can still be unlocked and removed by an adult.

  • Point-Lock Latches

    Lockable and adjustable. Tiny fingers can’t unlatch this patented technology feature, making our pool fence even more secure.

  • Pool Safety Fence Gate

    Self-Closing Gate

    Convenient and secure self-closing gate has a strong frame and built-in color to match your fence and patio.

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Did you know?

Drowning accounts for 30% of Child Deaths Ages 1-4.1

It is our mission to help educate the public about pool safety and the importance of a pool fence to help reduce this.

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