Best Ever Wedding Shower/Baby Shower Gift

When considering a wedding shower/baby shower gift, a removable pool fence is not what typically comes to mind, but should it be?

Think back to your pre-engaged self. Before your wedding engagement, a discussion of the possibility of having children was discussed correct? YES, of course!

Our desire to be parents is a huge decision and a collective one.

When you’re newly married and getting established as homeowners with a pool, pool access isn’t a huge concern from an adult perspective. Why…because you don’t have little ones running around… yet. However, what about your neighbors, friends, and extended family that come to visit? What about when your not there and a neighbor kid (or kids) gets curious? The possible scenarios are endless, and quite frankly, alarming if there is no removable pool fence in place!

A pool home requires vigilance that non-pool homes do not require. When timing is right to buy a pool fence (like after the birth of your first child), the budget is usually too tight and a fence purchase is put off. So… why not make a Protect-A-Child Removable Pool Fence a wedding shower or baby registry gift? This is a great item to give as a group gift for any couple.

When a pool fence purchase is deferred, a family’s risk for tragedy dramatically increases, because that first year from infancy to toddler goes by in a blur!

Parents and grandparents love to buy practical gifts that really add value to homes and improve safety in general. A Protect-A-Child Pool Fence is a fantastic wedding shower or baby shower gift for any young couple that owns a pool home.

Click here to learn the ABC’s of pool safety.  Click here to find a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence dealer near you for your free estimate today.

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