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About Me

In 1997 I purchased my house with a built-in pool in Holbrook. The day we moved in my wife told me she was pregnant with our first child. Kayla was born 9 months later in February of 1998. The following year we had to find a fence for our pool. I looked around and came across mesh fences. The day the fence was installed I watched and thought what a nice little business. Nearly 18 years later I was looking for a job change from the grind of the mortgage business. By accident I came across an ad for a company looking for a distributor here on Long Island. I contacted the company, flew down to Florida to meet the owner and now I am a distributor for them. I am very happy with my decision. Protect-A-Child makes a great product. It’s a family owned business and has been since day 1 in 1984.  They have installed thousands of fences around the world. It is my belief that anyone that gets a mesh fence from Protect-A-Child will be very happy with how the fence looks and how it performs over time.

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