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I have been installing the Protect A Child Safety fence from Northern Virginia to Willington North Carolina for over 15 years.  After my first of three children were born having a safety fence surrounding my pool was a must have.  The stories I heard regarding every parents worse nightmare kept me up at night.  I actually knew a co-worker who experienced the nightmare and his child was handicap from an early age until adulthood.  Being a Police Officer at the time also subjected me to other family‚Äôs tragedies.  My wife and I knew that having children presented enough concerns in general and that the pool just added to our worries.  After searching the internet (23 years ago), the best option available was Protect A Child Safety Fence.  The installer, who traveled a great distance to install my fence was very informative and took great pride in not only the product but in the finished product.  The idea of doing my part in helping families to keep their children and pets safe was overwhelming.  I have raised all three of my children with my Protect A Child Pool Fence which keeps my two dogs safe today!!  Please call me today so I can do my part to keep your family safe with the best safety fence on the market!!!

My main goal and objective is to save children. If I can save one kid a year, I’ve done my job

-Mike Floriano

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