Brian Jackman Pool Fence Dealer Story

“This is a product that you can trust. The company has been around for well over 30…

Los Angeles Pool Fence Dealer's Story

“We have by far the best poles out there. You can see that on the videos and…

Phoenix Pool Fence Video

“I look at the backyard like it’s my backyard and those are my kids.” 45

Houston Pool Fence Video

“We don’t just meet the standards; we exceed them.” 34

Naples Pool Fence Video

“Being a part of Team Protect-A-Child, you have to take a sense of pride and responsibility.” 44

Veracruz Pool Fence Video


Tucson Pool Fence Video

“You can expect from me to be on time…and we leave the yard cleaner than we found…

“…the look on the parents face when they come out and see that they’re protected from the…

“My main goal and objective is to save children. If I can save one kid a year,…

Daytona / Palm Coast Pool Fence Video

“People become more than just a client” 45