4 Ways to Keep Pets Safe Around the Pool

When you think about swimming pool safety, you may not think about the dangers a swimming pool can pose to pets. Just as with children, pools can be dangerous if the proper safety measures aren’t taken.

Some dogs are just poor swimmers, be sure to do your research and consider your dog’s breed.

Here are some things to consider to keep your pet out of harm’s way.

Buy a Pet Life Vest
Since dogs and cats will probably be the most likely pets to be outside near the pool, you may want to invest in a pet life vest. Life vests can help cats and dogs with floatation and staying above water similar to the way they help humans. If you know some four-legged friends are going to be circling around the pool, put one on to keep them safe. Pet life vests can be purchased in many pet stores and online.

Teach your Pet to Swim
Dogs and cats can take swim lessons just like humans. You can take this on yourself or contact an animal trainer to make sure they are learning the proper way.

Learn Animal CPR
Learning animal CPR can help rescue cats and dogs if they fall in a swimming pool and need help. The CPR techniques used for cats and dogs are similar to those used for humans. Despite this, it’s important to learn the right way to do it when it comes to animals. Contact your local animal shelter to see if classes are offered there. If not, an animal organization should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Put up a Pet Pool Fence
One of the best ways to prevent a pet from falling into a swimming pool is to put a fence around your pool. At Protect-A-Child Pool Fence we offer sturdy, transparent pet mesh fences. These fences help to keep pets and children away from the water while allowing you to still enjoy the view of your pool.  They are also an excellent safeguard against accidental falls for senior dogs.

For more information on these pet fences and other protective fences contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence.

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