Installing a pool fence means protection, prevention, and preservation of life.

As parents, we are called to protect our children.  The best way is by preventing tragedy in the first place with a pool fence.

Our Protect-A-Child fence is the industry’s strongest and safest pool fence.  And it does just that – prevents your child(ren) from gaining unsupervised access to the pool.  This preserves life.

We frequently hear about the ‘close-calls’, the ‘too close for comforts’ and the ‘at first, we didn’t want to spend…:’ stories from families.  These are families that were choosing to wait to install their fence.  In most cases, it was just a matter of priority and budget.  Believe us, we get it.  Buying a home and all that comes with getting established, post move, is expensive enough without adding a safety fence to the budget.  BUT, no one can afford to wait.  Read a post from our Facebook page from one of our customers:

Protect-A-Child Customer Story

The tragic loss of a loved one, especially a child, due to this kind of accident, is something from which people rarely recover.  It’s life shattering – but more importantly, it’s preventable!  Purchasing a pool fence is a purchase you won’t regret.

Long after your kids are grown, your pool fence still provides value to your home and peace of mind.  We not only protect children, we protect pets and even seniors from accidental falls.  Reach out to any local fire station or police department and ask about the prevalence of accidental falls and drownings with pets and seniors.  The numbers are alarming, but they rarely make headlines.   

Buying a pool fence for your home is so much more than simply buying a “pool fence”.  You are investing in the overall safety of your family and those that visit.

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