The Three Most Important Considerations for Pool Fence Design.

For most people getting a child safety fence is a new experience. When considering where to have your pool fence installed, keep the following in mind:

Block all entry to your pool. This one may sound obvious but more often than expected parents will ask about attaching to their house leaving a door or window still providing direct access to the pool area. Thinking we will always keep it locked is a risk not worth taking. To prevent any accidents, make sure to block all exits.

Minimize entering and exiting through the pool fence.   People often ask, “Can I fence in my sliders or porch area.” It is not recommended for safety reasons and user convenience. Whenever you enter and exit a fence, you increase the chance of leaving it open. Plus, it is nice to let the kids play in the backyard without fear of them accessing the pool. 

Maximize your patio space.  You use your patio almost everyday and the pool only once in a while, so consider keeping your fence within a few feet of the pool’s edge.  While some pool decks have the luxury of space, most do not. With a removable mesh fence, you can always remove a section to open up the pool for a fun pool day (with of course proper adult supervision). If you do want to put patio furniture inside the fence, make sure to plan accordingly.

Every patio, backyard, and pool is different but keeping the above in mind will make living with your mesh pool fence a delight. If you would like a pool fence quote, make sure to learn about Protect-A-Child’s proven performance.

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