Newest & Safest Pool Fence System

What makes this pool fence so special?

Patent Pending 63311348

A Fence Post Engineered for Excellence

Patent Pending

Engineers have long known that the I-Beam shape is among the strongest shapes for designing  a super strong support beam. Modern skyscrapers use this shaped beam as the heart of their strength to build higher and higher. Protect-A-Child adopted this design and adapted it to our mesh pool fence to create exceptionally strong fence. 

Exceptionally Strong Post

Our new patent pending, curved I-beam support posts are the culmination of 33 years of composite support post experience.  An individual fence post can now tests at over 160 lbs of strength at the standard 3’ height.  Long after all other competing fences have sheared off – or bent to the ground – ours stay straight and strong. Made with the latest space age UV proof urethane resins we have created posts that are stiffer, stronger, and have built in colors that don’t chip, scratch, fade, or deteriorate.

Modular Panels

Our Curved I beam fence posts enable a 100% capture of mesh to post.  This allows for easy and inexpensive mesh panel replacements.  The first of its kind in the mesh fence industry.

Side by side comparison of old style pool fence post and the new I-beam pool fence post.

All New Look

No more ugly screws or molding strips required to attach the mesh to the pool fence post.  Our new posts offer a sleek modern look enabling the 100% capture of mesh to post. This design allows for minimalistic border. Better strength comes with better looks.

Removable or Permanent

Our fencing can be installed to be removable in 3 easy steps or to be 100% permanent depending upon your needs and code requirements.


  1. Simple unlatch the point-lock section latch on all sections.
  2. Lift out each post.
  3. Roll up the fence as you go.


Can be stored in a very small space.

Installed to Fit Your Pool's Shape

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Protect-A-Child's Pool Fence Durability

Protect-A-Child pool fences thrive in a pool environment. 


Don’t Become Hot

Built In Color

Self Closing Gates

Our pool safety gate frames are built with our I-beam frame members to be incredibly resilient and modular making future panel replacements easy. 

Why we only use fiberglass posts.