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Your new removable pet fence safely and conveniently protects your pets from danger in the pool, patio, garage, or yard.

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Create Temporary or Permanent Pet Safe Zones Almost Anywhere

Your new removable mesh fence gives you a fast, simple way to keep your pets safe from danger zones, such as your pool, patio, or just about anywhere. You can count on our solid-core fiberglass posts and strong, transparent mesh to last for years.

Fence Types

Pool Pet Fence

Although many pets are able to swim, most lack the ability to thrust themselves up and out of a swimming pool if they fall into the water. This is especially true for older pets. Your new pool fence gives you peace of mind by keeping your pets away from the water, while the transparent mesh still allows you to enjoy the view of your pool and patio.

Patio Pet Fence

Relax with your pets on your patio with our removable mesh patio fence. Your new pet fence will help prevent your furry friends from running off, and keep them out of the mud and away from other hazards. This patio fence is a simple and affordable solution to secure a section of outside space for your pet without the inconvenience of having to install a permanent perimeter fence.

Garage Pet Fence

Do you like to have your pet pal close by when you work in the garage, or keep your pets in the garage during parties and other gatherings? This removable mesh fence provides the flexibility to erect a temporary barrier on the fly, allowing you to create a playpen that keeps pets out of dangerous chemicals and other trouble while letting in fresh air.

Yard Pet Fence

Looking for an affordable backyard fence solution for your pets? Our mesh yard fence provides you with a strong barrier so you can section off your entire backyard or just a part of it. Our yard fence is completely removable, so you can easily take it down or reinstall it in minutes as needed.


Removable in Minutes

When your pets are not using the fence, you shouldn’t have to either. That’s why your new pet fence can be be taken down or put back up in minutes. You can quickly assemble your fence so your pet can relax and play, or remove it just as quickly to reopen the space.

Transparent, Impact-Absorbent Mesh

Our pet fence includes a high-quality transparent mesh that gives you a clear view of your backyard area or garage. This super-strong mesh also provides an impact-absorbent barrier manufactured to hold up to years of extreme weather and daily use.

Fiberglass Fence Post Video

Strong Fiberglass Support Posts

Count on the solid-core fiberglass posts we use to keep your fence strong and straight. Our posts were designed to provide you with maximum strength and resilience for long-lasting support.

Style Options
Pool Fence Colors

Multiple Color Options to Match Your Pet Fence to Your Style

Choose from our variety of color options to best match your taste and home. Options include our True Black, Chocolate Brown, Desert Tan, and Bright White. These can be used in different combinations to allow you to either accent an area or make it blend in.

Pet Fence Height Options

We know pets come in all shapes and sizes, so we developed several height options to best fit your pets’ needs. Choose from our smallest, 30-inch pet fence all the way up to our 5-foot fence, so you can feel confident that your pet is safe and secure.

Best investment we've made. Our 100lb American Bulldog has tried to run through it more than once and has been ricocheted onto his butt. I recommend this to anyone with kids or pets!!!
– Rob F., Portsmouth, VA
The fence is wonderful and will give you security to know that any of your children or animals will never fall into your pool.
– Carin K., Portland, OR
We have 4 dogs, one that swims too much and three others that can NOT swim. We debated getting a pet/child barrier installed, we didn't want to complicate or crowd our limited pool deck space, so we delayed. And then as fate crops it's head, my geriatric non-swimming Labrador Retriever, Cooper, fell into the pool! Fortunately I was right beside him and I managed to pull him from the pool with no harm done. And as I sat there drying Cooper and myself I thought what if I hadn't been there? Losing any of my dogs, especially to drowning, would haunt me forever, time to get the pool pet fence! My neighbor's dog died in their pool several years ago I discovered, get a pool pet fence!
I searched online and called a few places, but I decided to go with a company experienced with the demands of pool safety, Protect-A-Child. Don helped us consider all the options for convenience and safety for our pool. I am 100% extremely satisfied with the appearance, function and benefits of our pool fence. Now I can leave my dogs outside with peace of mind and wagging tails.
– David., Pace, FL

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