How much does a pool fence cost?

Fence pricing varies so much it is nearly impossible to provide a blanket example over the internet. Cost could be as little as $500 installed for a short fence in a sunbelt market to as high as $5000.00 for an extensive fence around a large pool. Many factors come into play that affect fence price. These include:

Length of fence, seasonality, local overhead, patio surface, special designs, steps and multiple levels, number of self closing gates, types of fence openings, crossing the yard or dirt installations, site work, slopes, heights, shipping variances, and of course varying heights. As you can see we would be doing you a disservice to post approximate costs. Our mesh pool fencing is typically less than the cost of conventional permanent pool fencing.. Your local pool fence dealer can provide you with an estimate or schedule an appointment to come out to measure for your pool fence.