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“I called Mike for a demonstration on the Protect a Child fence. He answered all my questions and concerns. He set up the installation and it was done in a timely manner. The fence is very sturdy and the quality is fantastic. It has given me peace of mind that I can take our 3 year old outside and not have to worry about her jumping in unexpectedly or sneaking outside and having an accident. It is an amazing product. I only wish I would have bought it sooner!”
– Stacia, Moyock, NC
“We recently moved to a place what came with a pool. Being somewhat remote, the former owners did not have a fenced in yard. Since living here, I have rescued 2 neighborhood dogs from the frigid pool water, one in the middle of the cold night, in the rain, and the other one in the day time who wanted to go for a swim, not realizing that the water would be cold. Neither dog went to the steps to try to get out. If I had not seen/heard them, they would have drowned. We LOVE having the peace of mind that the pool is secure! By having the pool fence up, it will keep our older dog safe, roaming dogs safe, as well as older family members when they come to visit. We do not want anyone to loose their balance and fall into the pool. Doing research regarding the different pole types out there, to hold up the fencing, and how many of them can bend and break with a 40+ pound child, or dog, leaning on it, this is the only company that we found, locally, with the high quality poles that will not give in to bend and break like all of the other types of poles out there. Do your research, then come back to purchase from Protect-A-Child pool fence company. Make your money work for you to protect your loved ones and pets. Again, give yourself peace of mind, whether you are home or not, to protect others, as well as animals, from drowning. Thank you, Kathy and Bo, for a job very well done!”
– Kimberly S., South Cleveland, TN

Working with Michael was a great experience — he arrived on time when he came to give me a quote and when he came to install the fence. The installation was quick and done in the time frame Michael gave. We couldn’t be happier with the fence — it looks great, but most importantly brings peace of mind! Thank you Protect-A-Child of Oregon!

– Amanda V., Battle Ground, Oregon
“Quick, professional service and a great product.”
– Samantha Z., Corpus Christi, TX

Most others would have said the steep and uneven terrain around the large waterfall and deep pond is too difficult for portable fencing. You, on the other hand, creatively worked out a solution that will indeed protect a child while maintaining an unrestricted view. We appreciated your friendly, diligent and professional approach to the project.

– Ed J., Portland, Oregon
“Bo and Kathy Dunn were amazing! They went out of their way to make sure our pool fence was installed before we moved into our new house with 3 young children. They made sure we got exactly what we wanted and needed. I would highly recommend everyone choose Bo and Kathy to install their pool fence. I will recommend them to everyone.”
– Kristi G., Aiken, SC
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