How We Compare

You can see how our mesh pool fence compares to other mesh fences, traditional fences and other pool safety products.

Compare Pool Safety Products Side by Side

Trying to choose the right safety solution for your pool? Use the table below to review your options and see how we offer superior protection.

Mesh Pool Fences
Mesh Pool Fences Comparison Chart
Features & Benefits X-Post (Aluminum) Y-Post (Aluminum) Spike Post (Aluminum) Solid-Core Post (Aluminum)
Unbreakable Fiberglass Posts
Lifetime Post Warranty
Won't become bent or crooked
No Rust or Corrosion
Post Strength Exceeds 80 lbs
Posts Lock Into Patio
Adjustable Safety Latches
Keeps Toys Out
Built-In Color
Traditional Pool Fence
Traditional Pool Fence Comparison Chart
Black Pool Fence
Features & Benefits Wrought Iron Aluminum Rail Glass Chain Link
Keeps Toys Out
Cushions Children’s Impacts
Transparent Design
Prevents Climbing
Affordable Price
Self-Closing Gate
No Rust or Corrosion
Other Pool Safety
Other Pool Safety Comparison Chart
Black Pool Fence
Features & Benefits Automatic Safety Covers Manual Safety Covers Safety Nets Door Alarms
Affordable Price
Easily Removed & Replaced
Prevents Access During Pool Use
Access Pool w/o Removal
Not Technology-Dependent
No Maintenance
No Water-Level Monitoring
No Electricity Required

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Which pool fence will this mom trust?

Think all pool fences are the same? Watch these children put our posts and competing aluminum posts to the test. This mom was shocked—and you will be too—with how easily her children were able to break the aluminum posts of the competing pool fence and crawl through to the pool. It’s easy to see why so many pool owners choose the quality and superior strength of Protect-A-Child pool fencing to keep their little ones safe. We hope you will allow us to secure your pool as well.

Everyday people test our pool fence's strength

See how people at an outdoor market react when they test our pool fence’s fiberglass posts against a competing aluminum product. Our volunteers did not take long to realize how easily the aluminum posts bent and broke under minimal force. It is easy to see how aluminum posts could leave a fence bent, crooked, unattractive and unsafe. When it came to our solid-core fiberglass posts, the volunteers were amazed at our posts’ incredible strength and resiliency.

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Vintage Pool Fence Series

We love to hear from customers – especially when they have gone from being Parents to Grandparents – with the same Protect-A-Child Pool Fence around their pool protecting the “children”.  Here are some photos of some of these “vintage” Protect-A-Child fences and their stories…

 23 Year Old Pool Fence

This fence has stood the test of time thanks to our solid-core fiberglass design and durable mesh. This fence was installed by our Atlanta, GA pool fence dealer Bo Dunn 23 years ago!

Pool Fence Vintage

23 Year Old Pool Fence

Another example of Protect-A-Child’s long lasting durability, this fiberglass pool fence has been going strong for 23 years! Bo Dunn reinstalled this beauty and it looks as good as new!

Mesh Pool Fence

Protect-A-Child produces quality fencing in America with quality solid core fiberglass support posts that never become bent or crooked and mesh that stands the test of time.  So our fence looks great and works for you for as long as you need it.

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