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We treat every pool fence installation as if it is for our home and our family. Our 30+ years of experience assures we’ll do it right.

1 Personalized Pool Fence Layout

Part of what makes each of our thousands of customers happy for years after their pool fence is installed, is our unique installation process. Prior to beginning your pool fence installation, we’ll consult with you on the best layout or path for the fence to follow, keeping in mind your family’s needs and lifestyle. This helps us to ensure you get a safe and attractive fence that allows you to truly enjoy your pool and patio area. Here are a few of the factors we’ll take into consideration when designing your layout:

  • Exits from your home to maximize safety and minimize inconvenience
  • Patio use and traffic patterns, so you get more usable area inside and outside the fence
  • Location of existing fences, walls, and water features to increase safety and reduce cost

2 Exclusive Styles & Features

While safety is the primary purpose of your pool fence, we want to make sure you still love the look of your pool and patio area. With Protect-A-Child, you will choose from numerous color and height options for you pool fence that can be mixed and matched to create a fence that coordinates with your home’s style and tastes. Our experienced dealers can help you select the best fence style options to blend with, accent, or have a minimal presence on your patio. You may also add extra layers of protection by selecting from these SureSafe features:

  • Twist-locking posts
  • Adjustable secure latches between sections
  • Convenient self-closing / self-latching pool fence gates

3 Advanced Pool Fence Installation

Does your pool and patio area have a unique design? Not to worry. We excel at challenging patio surfaces. We use diamond-bit-core drills to quickly and effectively install your pool fence correctly the first time, and to maintain the beauty of your patio surface. Our dealers also use innovative drilling techniques to apply precise angles during installation, counterbalancing fence curves and corners—so you end up with a pool fence that is straight and taut. Trust our experience installing in surfaces including:

  • Brick pavers
  • Multiple levels
  • Raised spas
  • Vanishing-edge designs
  • Unique water features

4 Dependable Service

When you choose Protect-A-Child, you get a local pool fence dealer that is part of a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience protecting little ones around the pool. We represent the oldest and most experienced dealer network in the industry. Our pool fences are built with strong mesh and unbreakable posts, which are designed to be maintenance-free. However, you can still trust your local dealer to be there to quickly resolve any issues you may have.

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