Pet Pool Safety

Pet Pool Safety

When you think about pool safety, children and adults probably come to mind first. But, what about pets? Pets also need to be protected from the dangers lurking around your pool. They can get hurt just as easily with the same tragic consequences.

Consider this story…

A woman was outside by her pool with her two dogs when she had to run inside for a minute. She figured they would just play a bit while she was gone. What she didn’t anticipate was one of the dogs getting too close to the edge of the pool and falling in.

The other dog that was still beside the pool jumped into action…literally…to save his friend. He swam and pushed his friend to safety. When the woman came back outside she noticed the two dogs were wet. Although they were both safe, she went to watch video from her surveillance cameras that caught the amazing and heroic rescue as it played out.

While that story did have a happy ending, four-legged lifeguards are not that common and the whole thing could have ended much worse. It’s unclear whether the woman in this story had a pool fence around her pool or not. Even if she did, the fence was not locked and the dogs were left by the pool, opening up the possibility for a tragedy to occur.

Whether it’s children or pets by your pool, you not only want to make sure you have a pool fence installed, but you also want to make sure it is locked when you are not there. Get all pets and children away from the pool if you need to step away and lock the fence. This will give you peace of mind that no one, not even your pet, will get into the water while you step away.

If you’re looking to protect your pool area with a sturdy fence and secure self-closing gate to prevent potential tragedies, visit Protect-A-Child Pool Fence . We have the expertise you need when it comes to adding a pool fence at your home.

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