Fun Games to Play with Pool Noodles

Games to Play with Pool Noodles

Pool noodles can be used to play all sorts of games including favorites like “Marco Polo” and “Shark”.

Then there are other games that bring popular pool noodles into play. Pool noodles are fun pool accessories that make great floatation devices as well as pool party props. Having noodles in the pool can help you and your guests float along in the pool and have some fun in the process.  Check out these six fun pool games that bring those noodles into play.

Noodle Jousting: Go back to medieval times with a good round of noodle jousting games. Hop on a raft, grab some pool noodles, and try to knock the other person off of their raft. Of course, with rougher games it is good to keep safety in mind and wear a life jacket when playing this game.

Pool Noodle Games

Tug of War: Use the noodle as your rope and see who is the strongest!

Pool Noodle Baseball: Get a soft squishy ball for this one and use your pool noodle as a bat. Granted your ball may not go far depending on the size of your pool, but it can be fun to see if you can hit it!

Noodle Floating Contest: Start at one end of the pool and see who can get to the other end the quickest using pool noodles. You can play with as many people as will fit in the width of the pool.

Catch While Riding on a Noodle: Each person straddles a noodle and then tosses a beach ball. The object is to stay on your noodle while you pass. The last person still on their noodle wins.

Pool Noodle Volleyball: It’s game on as everyone floats on their pool noodles and volleys! You can play this just as you would regular volleyball. No spiking in this game though, so if you’re vertically challenged, this could be the perfect volleyball game for you!

Remember, safety should never be comprised for the sake of having fun. Pool noodles should not replace life jackets for those who cannot swim.

Also, safety begins even before you and your guests even get your feet wet in the pool. A pool fence provides an extra layer of safety to prevent pool accidents. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence  at 772-398-3400.

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