In the U.S. There are Ten Drowning Deaths a Day

Education is a critical component in drowning prevention.

The truth is, regardless of love and the best of intentions, accidents still happen. What is so frightening is that drownings are silent events that occur in minutes. With the utmost respect for the families involved, we share this story.  Our mission is to educate and to help prevent another tragedy, like the one this family endured.

Here is the ‘before’ photo of a swimming pool that is attractive but also a silent danger.

Aware of the danger, the new owners of this home were adamant about having a fence installed, prior to their move-in date. Moving is stressful enough without the worry that comes with toddlers and an unprotected swimming pool right outside the back door. The distractions of moving aside, children move too fast and one distracted moment can result in an unspeakable tragedy. This family needed the protection a pool fence provides to feel secure in their new home.  That’s why they called Protect-A-Child.

After photos of their “Baby Safe” pool thanks to of Protect-A-Child, Atlanta, GA

Please help Protect-A-Child wage war against childhood drowning!  Save a life and share this to help educate parents and grandparents everywhere.  Find your local Protect-A-Child dealer here.




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