Pool Safety Fence For Elder Pets

Protect-A-Child specializes in attractive pet fences designed for your beloved pet.

Do you need a pet pool fence? Customizing home environments as we age is a normal, natural process.  We understand the importance of preserving a safe and hazard free environment for every family member.  Aging pets can be considered just as  important.

Pets become so much more than “pets”.  They become an important part of our family.  As they age, our furry family members face many of the same aging problems we do.  These include, failing eyesight and depth perception, as well as restricted and limited mobility to name a few.  These examples alone are reason enough to consider how to keep them safe near the swimming pool to prevent tragedy at home.

The truth is, like children, pets frequently drown since they have difficulty climbing out of a swimming pool.  The emotional guilt and devastation of such an event can be all consuming.  Our furry companions look to us for their every need, even more so as they reach the golden years.  Therefore, look to Protect-A-Child for  uniquely designed pet fences in custom heights that will keep your “fur-baby” safe.  The result will be unmatched peace of mind for many years to come.

A recently installed pet fence.

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