5 Fun Pool Party Themes

When you throw a pool party you want it to be one people will be talking about well after it’s over. That means no boring themes! Everyone seems to do the “beach” theme with surf boards and beach balls. While that’s all fine and well, it won’t stand out from the other pool parties on the block

Check out these five fun pool party themes for a party everyone will remember.

Pool Party Theme

• White Party. If it was good enough for P.Diddy and “The Real Housewives” then it’s just as good for you to throw a white party.Simply tell all of your guests to dress in white. Decorate your pool area with all white decorations and white lights. This is a great idea for an evening or night time pool party.

Pool Theme Parties
• Decade Party. Whether you loved the ‘60s, ‘70s, or ‘80s, throw a pool party in honor of your favorite decade. This means telling your guests to dress from that time and taking a step back in time for your decorations as well. You can even serve food that you enjoyed during that decade.

Pool Party Theme
• Vegas Night. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? For this party use day glow colors and lights around the pool area to give it a real Vegas feel. You can put out a buffet spread that’s typical of what you would find in Vegas. What would a Vegas night be without some card games? Set up card playing areas around your pool and you have a Vegas night!

pool party Theme
• Pirate Theme. This is a great theme if you’re involving kids in the party fun. Kids love pirates so let them search for buried treasure, look for items in a scavenger hunt, and maybe even create a message in a bottle. There are so many possibilities with this theme.

Pool Party Theme
• Country Picnic. For a down home feel, set up blankets around your pool area with picnic baskets with different foods. Let simple flower decorations float in your pool to create some pretty scenery. The idea here is to make it feel as though you are country living…right by your pool.

No matter which theme you choose always remember safety first. Installing a pool fence around your pool is an easy way to keep everyone safe while you’re having a pool party, especially with children around. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence at 772-398-3400.

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