Pool Safeguards Frequently Overlooked – Part II Securing Chairs

A Five Part Series Cont’ – Securing Chairs

Part Two

Keeping vigilant around the pool regardless of security measures is best practice and it leads to safe kids.  Securing movable furniture, i.e. chairs, is a great place to start.

A pool simply isn’t as enjoyable without patio furniture and a place to entertain friends and family.  The pool parties and poolside meals are were some of the best memories are created.  However, an adults perspective is much different than one of a child’s.  What adults see as furniture, children see as tools to get them over the fence.  Therefore, it’s for that reason, we strongly recommend anchoring tables to chairs.

  1.  Secure chairs to the patio table.

The best solution is to use a light chain to attach the chairs to a table.  Remember, to leave enough slack to allow the chain to be pulled out.  This enables use of the chairs without allowing a little one the ability to drag it away.

Keep in mind; chairs are the most frequent targets for little ones for use as a climbing aid, especially those around tables positioned close to the pool fence.

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