How Child-Proof is an Automatic Pool Cover?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘how child-proof is your automatic pool cover’ without a pool fence? Pool covers do a great job of covering the pool by protecting it from debris and sunlight.  They also are effective at keeping everything out when they are closed.

However, how effective are pool covers at preventing children from finding their way into the pool when they stand alone without a pool fence?

Pool covers are a great option for keeping little ones out of the water, when they are closed. They can support significant weight to withstand even and adult without breaking.

In spite of its strength, there are significant drawbacks to pool covers alone.

While they may be effective in keeping kids out when closed, they are nonexistent and ineffective when they’re left open – and they must be fully opened to use the pool. This could be disastrous should your child be unsupervised while the cover is left open. A good question would be, why would the cover be open? Herein lies the problem. Covers must be open to clean the pool, use the pool – and, of course, to enjoy the beautiful water. If the pool cover happens to break or get stuck there is no protection. With tracks, motors, spools, windings, cables, etc. (mostly underground), it can be a frequent occurrence. Snow loads are also a problem with automatic covers.

Mr. and Mrs. Lueras of Albuquerque faced this same dilemma. Having two children under three years old, they weren’t sure whether their automatic pool cover would do everything to keep their children from accessing the pool. To alleviate their concerns, they decided to put up the safest, most practical barrier there is, a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence. Today, Mr. and Mrs. Lueras are thankful for the peace of mind that their children are protected and pool and patio are as enjoyable as possible.

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