Mom Reacts to Competing Mesh Pool Fence Test

Look-a-like fences from china now flood the market.

Many suppliers of these cheap fences possess little or no field experience with mesh pool fencing and child safety. They copy existing designs and shave costs everywhere possible to be the low cost leader. Because mesh pool fences look alike, it’s easy to cut corners where you won’t notice — such as thinner wall thickness aluminum tubes (ie. the “X” and “Y” extrusion designs) and materials with minimal UV resistance. Such things are easily hidden from uneducated consumers and don’t show up until after the fence is installed. Watch this video as we unmask the result of these shortcuts in the field.

Mom Shocked at Competitor Fence Test Results

As a manufacturer of over 40 years producing quality, field-proven pool fences, Protect-A-Child noted theses changes and felt parents should be aware of the hidden dangers inherent in such fences.

To showcase the differences in fence integrity, we replaced one section of a customer’s proven Protect-A-Child Pool Fence with a section of a competing fence. This competing fence is representative of the many aluminum pool fences so widely available in today’s market. We then let the children resume their running and playing activities. We were just as shocked as this Mom when the competing fence came down so quickly and the children accessed the pool!

Watch adults test pool fence post strength

A mesh pool fence is frequently purchased to protect your child and is something you hope to only purchase once. You don’t want to make a buying mistake with a fence that quickly becomes bent and broken or places your child at risk.

Protect-A-Child feels it was important to help parents evaluate their pool fence options with fair, common sense strength comparisons against a simple performance standard – namely the standard of how easily children are able to knock down a “look-a-like” mesh pool fence.

To learn more about our post’s unbreakable strength, visit our fiberglass pool fence post page. Also, if you would like to speak with a local dealer, use our pool fence dealer locator to get in touch with them for your free quote today!

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