Pool Safeguards Frequently Overlooked – Part IV Chemical Storage

A Five Part Series Cont’

Part Four

Aside from using pool chemical boxes and buckets as climbing aids, the chemicals pose a whole other set of concerns for children.  Keep them stowed away.  We also encourage parents to communicate the dangers of pool chemicals with their children.  

Mr. Yuk stickers are an effective visual aid that parents can use for their children to help them to understand poisonous substances in and around their homes.  Teach your child that whenever they see this sticker, it means ‘DANGER, STAY AWAY’!

  1.  Keep pool chemicals locked away in the garage or pool closet.  

Exposure to concentrated chlorine and other pool related chemicals can result in several, serious injuries and even death if ingested.  Best practice is to keep the chemicals locked away when not immediately in use for pool management.  

Many pool chemicals come in five-gallon or single gallon buckets. Additionally, large buckets can pose a drowning threat to toddlers.  Make sure buckets are never left out in the rain or by a hose. Buckets can be flipped and used as stools for any determined child. Therefore, execute extra precautions! Use the Mr. Yuk stickers, explain to your child(ren) what they mean and keep the pool chemicals and the buckets they come in locked away from little ones when not in use.

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