Water Safety for Your Smartphone 

The majority of us own a smartphone, so why are we not so smart when it comes to keeping it protected around water?

Water Safety Smartphone

Whether you’re by the pool or at the beach, your smartphone and water do not mix. Even still, many of us keep our phone close to the water. Water damage to your phone can be so bad that it could force you to spend hundreds of dollars to replace it. Since no one wants that, it’s important to protect your smartphone when you’re around water. Here are some tips:

Check Your Pockets. This may sound obvious, but check your pockets before you dive into the pool. If you don’t, your phone may have seen its last days.

Waterproof phone bag

Keep Your Phone in a Plastic Bag. If you’re in the pool you’re not on your phone, well at least you shouldn’t be. Keep your smartphone in a plastic bag. This way you can still see and hear when someone calls, but don’t have the phone unprotected in case it drops in the water. There are also special plastic bags sold just for this purpose. They’ll cost more than your average baggie, but you can rest assured water won’t touch your phone.

Try a Phone Sleeve. If you still want to be able to use your apps and make a call while you’re by the pool, there are also phone sleeves that fit on phones like a glove. You slide the phone in and can still use it. This protects the phone from the water if it should fall in by chance.

Waterproof phone case

Invest in a Waterproof Case. Even if you’ve done your best to keep your phone away from the water, there is a chance it could still fall into the pool. If you invest in a waterproof case you give your smartphone a chance of surviving. The case works well with a phone “lifejacket” product that actually makes the phone float. While this little combo will likely cost over $100, it will keep your phone protected.

The best protection you can give your phone from the water is to keep it away. Enjoy time relaxing by the pool without your phone for a while. You may actually like it!

Give yourself even more peace of mind by the pool by investing in a pool fence. It provides a layer of protection when you have guests and little ones nearby. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence.

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