Pool Trends to Watch for 2019

If you’ve been looking into putting a pool in your backyard, you already know that there are many different styles to choose from.  While you may be limited by the space you have and the money you want to spend, you also want to be careful and choose a design that’s timeless.

Investing in a trendy pool isn’t like buying a pair of nice shoes. You won’t be upset if you decide to trade shoes the next year, but you can’t exactly change your mind when it comes to a pool.

If you’re thinking of investing in a pool, here are some pool trends to watch for 2024 that won’t go out of style.

Classic Shapes


Although pools come in many different shapes, the classic rectangle is still among the big trends. Classic lines within those pool shapes are also still popular and timeless. If you want some flair, consider swim out ledges or even a curve or two for some added appeal, just don’t go too crazy!

Color Matching to Your Surroundings


In order to keep the look of your pool flowing with the rest of your space, consider color matching it to your surroundings. If you live near the beach where there are a lot of blue hues, consider blue tiles for your pool. If your pool is in a more wooded area, you may want to consider a more contemporary look so it blends in with the surroundings.

Smaller Pools


Even if you have the space for a larger pool, more and more people are leaning towards smaller pools these days. This gives them more yard space to entertain, not to mention, less to maintain with the pool.

Tanning Benches

If you like to lay by the pool but don’t necessarily want to be immersed all the time, you may want to consider adding tanning benches inside your pool. These allow you to be in the pool without being “in the pool”. You can lounge and cool yourself off with a splash or two of water rather than diving in.

No matter what type of pool you install or what types of accessories you add to it, you need to always keep safety at the forefront. This means installing a pool fence with the proper locks to avoid people and pets from accidentally falling in.

Contact Protect-A-Child Pool Fence to learn more about the importance of pool fences and the types that are available. Call us today at 772-398-3400 so we can make your pool area safe for everyone.

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