Should Swimming be Required by Public Schools?

Schools teach children how to read, write, and do a laundry list of other things, but should they be required to teach swimming too? That depends on who you ask.

Right now the state of Minnesota is considering a bill that would make it the first in the nation to make swimming lessons mandatory in public schools.

According to the CDC, about one in every five people who die from drowning are ages 14 and under. For many people that’s reason enough to teach swimming in public schools. Many feel as though if swimming were part of the curriculum, that statistic would drastically decrease.

Since there are no mandatory swimming lessons in public schools, the decision of whether children learn to swim is strictly left up to the parents. Some try to teach their children on their own, while others get lessons by certified instructors, and then there are those who do nothing. Since there are parents who cannot afford swimming lessons for their children, there is no guarantee that every child will learn how to swim. Some argue that if swimming were part of the curriculum, there would be no extra cost which means more children would have access to lessons.

While many will not argue that children need to learn how to swim, some question if school is the right place. Some argue that it will be virtually impossible for one instructor to watch and teach an entire class to swim at once. This may result in children getting hurt. In order to avoid that, additional staff would need to be added; a cost many school districts cannot afford these days. Although modifications to schedules can be made, it’s something that many think would burden school districts and not give students the best swimming lessons available.

Teaching your child to swim is a valuable lesson that all children should learn. If you are looking for lessons for your child, contact the American Red Cross who can help find lessons in your area.

At your home, it is important to protect guests, especially if there are people who do not know how to swim (adults included). Installing a pool fence is an easy way to keep everyone safe. To learn more about installing a pool fence at your home visit Protect-A-Child Pool Fence .

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