Emotional Effects of a Child’s Drowning

Dealing with the death of anyone can be traumatizing. But, when a child is the victim, it becomes even more devastating. Whether it’s parents dealing with their death of their own child or another adult trying to cope, it is never easy.

When it comes to children drowning, many parents and adults may blame themselves, thinking there was something they could have done to save the child. Drowning is often silent, unlike the scenes on television where people are thrashing about and screaming.

Often times, a child falls into the pool or tries to grab a toy, leading to drowning. That’s why many adults may blame themselves, thinking that if they were paying more attention, it would have never happened. Studies have shown that 88% of all children who drown were under some type of supervision. This just proves the point that when a child drowns, it truly is an accident. Unfortunately, accidents happen, sometimes with horrible consequences.

When drowning happens under the supervision of another adult who was not a parent, the agony of guilt becomes even worse. The parent entrusted that person with their child leaving the caretaker to feel extremely at fault.

Besides blaming themselves, many adults will present themselves with a series of “what ifs”. What if I didn’t look away? What if I didn’t leave that toy in the pool? These types of questions can haunt both parents and caretakers.

When adults are dealing with the drowning of a child, grief counseling can help as well as support groups. This type of outside advice can comfort both parents and caretakers. Professionals can help in ways that others may not be able to. If you are dealing with the drowning of a child, look in your area to see what types of grief counseling is available.

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