Pool Safeguards Frequently Overlooked – Part V Alarms & High Locks

A Five Part Series Cont’

Part Five

Having an alarm on your pool tells you when someone or something has entered your pool, intentionally or not.  Some states require pool alarms for pools without automatic covers.  Whether they are legally required or not, they are a good idea.  Adding an additional layer of protection to anything pool related is always money well spent.  You can never be too safe!

  1. Pool alarms and high locks pair nicely with a pool fence.  High locks work great if you have climbers, however, doors are left unlocked and open in error. Therefore, pool alarms are a fantastic accessory in conjunction with a pool fence.  Little ones can carry a toy or stool from inside to be used to climb over the fence.  We love the pool alarm because if anything breaks the surface of the water, an alarm sounds.

High Lock

The beauty of being a parent is watching our children grow, explore and learn from their experiences.  Seeing determination and the sense of accomplishment in our children’s eyes is second to none, as long as their safety is never compromised.

Children are unique with their sense of adventure, and often curiosity can undermine a healthy sense of apprehension. Unfortunately, reality and a child’s imagination are rarely in sync. Therefore, we at Protect-A-Child implore all parents to be vigilant even after your fence is installed.  Our goal is to wage war on childhood drowning so that not one more family has to know the shattering loss and devastation of a drowning or near drowning of their precious child.

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